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Services / Pathology / Histopathology


Histopathology is study of diseased tissues and cells removed from patients body during an operation. It helps in accurate diagnosis of cancer .

Specimen is processed in a automated tissue processor and histological sections are placed onto glass slides , examined under digital microscope by a pathologist and photographs captured and provided along with the detailed printed report .

All the equipment and instruments used in the laboratory are of standard quality and calibrated at periodic intervals.

Also to ensure the quality performance and to keep random & systemic errors under control , our laboratory has a form of quality management system for all the procedures performed in histopathology and cytopathology departments .Quality assurance, continuing quality improvement and quality control are integral components of this system .

To maintain both precision and accuracy performances our laboratory participates in appropriate internal and external quality assesement schemes ( EQAS ) thereby contributing valuable information for a quality assurance program.

This system is used to approach, evaluate and identify opportunities to improve quality before problems occur through evaluation of all systems/processes in the laboratory.


Also specialized in performing special staining on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues/cell blocks. These stains are used to detect the presence, abundance, and localization of specific proteins to aid in determining the differentiation of different types of cancers with similar morphology as well as to provide prognostic or therapeuticinformation.

Most commonly performed parameter is ER/PR/HER2NEU staining in cases of breast cancers which plays a vital role in therapy of such cancers .